Nov 13th.

Hours before getting ready to go to a show at The Paramount Theater to see my favorite artist City & Colour, we started getting news alerts about the attacks in Paris ... I read about the events that day that told the story of a woman attending to concert had to lay silent and still pretending to be dead amongst the bodies for over an hour. She listened to the dying around her. She listened to the couple knowingly saying there last words to each other ... Usually a newshound reading  my NYT morning briefing, I've giving the news a break. What else is there? This is just too much. It was a sad day for us all. Yet we came from all corners that night, in from the autumn rain storm and maybe make sense of it all.

If you know Dallas' recently released album If I Should Go Before You already, you know he explores dark themes of death and loss.  To be there listening to that It was like we were all meant to be there that night