72 Hours in Alaska

Thursday evening Ben and I flew out for a long weekend in Alaska to visit family. Although a short stay we were able to squeeze a few adventures in. It only took about 10 minutes to get out of Anchorage and into the deeper areas.

The first day was stormy. We drove down and around the Turnagain Arm, I'm glad someone else was driving so I could just take it all in. As a PNW native that's been surrounded by mountains her entire life, I've never seen mountains like these. They took my breath away. Waterfalls about every one to two hundred feet, we even stopped and drank some glacier water (not something I would normally do). 

Easily the most scenic stretch of road I've ever seen. 

On our way to Prince William Sound, we passed through the Portage Glacier Tunnel a 2.6 subterranean one way route also shared with the trains. LOL. If felt like we were entering the scenes of a horror movie, you wouldn't believe how erriely beautiful this place is in the spring. As the town was mostly empty, one of the most notable buildings is the abandoned army barracks or something, perched on the mountain side hugging the bay, it clearly looks like it's from Chernobyl. I wanted to go inside but you know theres gotta be a bear in there.