Photo Shoot in Sodo

Some iPhone shoots from a shoot a few months ago. We had three days cram studio and onsite editorial shots. I always forget or don't care, sensible shoe wear. My tootsies were throbbing by the end of day one. 

The more interesting part of the shoot we featured onsite in a historical industrial building in Seattle's Sodo Disctrict. The building itself had so much character and history alone, seemingly untouched by the current residents of the building which happened to be a woodworking reclamation and heirlooms business. I commended their restraint leaving well enough alone. But even more it appeared that each previous tenant had simply left their belongings, and each new tenant simply picked up the industrial sized brooms and pushed these bits of americana to the dark corners and set up their curated items in the middle a huge warehouse room. In the owners office you could see the floor decades old remnants of where a previous tenant waxed something and hung as there was thick rows of wax on the floor.  

Smaller unlit rooms in the back that couldn't even beens stepped in without moving the junk aside with your foot, while we made our way closer to tiny windows that beams in beautiful light. Piles of americana everywhere. Fax machines, building plans, a nudie calendar from the 80s and old disposable coke cups. I had this really curious feeling like we arrived uninvited into someones unclean house, and saw the way things really where, not tidied up at all.

And this was all the public facing areas, there was an upstairs too. If I was a betting woman I'd say it's floor to ceiling with this stuff.